From 2012-2016 I made dance/theater duets for the stage with Chelsea Murphy. After meeting at the Headlong Performance Institute we decided to pool our rage, dissatisfaction and humor on a wild ride of intimacy and productivity. These are the highlights from that time.


Shame Symposium

Presented by Fringe Arts, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Jun 9th - 12th, 2017

Part performance and part lecture, this show explored the versions of ourselves we prefer to leave out of the narrative. It was a big experiment: what would happen if we highlighted those versions: the ones we are ashamed of but also enjoy?

Costumes and Set: Ana-Miren San Millan

Sound Design: Michael Kiley

Featured Photography during Performance: Jaime Alvarez

Photos below by Kevin Monko



Singer Songwriter

Presented by DANCE | NOW at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater, NYC. September 3rd, 2015

Winner of 2015 Audience Choice Award and Residency at Silo Kirkland Farms

There is something delightful and unnerving about the disconnect between the onstage persona and the everyday self. This piece explored that contrast through the lens of the female songwriter: who bellows uncompromising lyrics and then squeaks out banal and nonsensical explanations between songs. There were real songs, with titles like: “Things we Should be Doing” and “She’s a Living Contradiction.”



Rooster and Snowball

Premeired through Thirdbird at Christ Church Neighborhood House in Philadelphia, PA, June 2013 at 

Our first duet coalesced around the character of the “Failed Rebel:” the person who cusses loud and performs angry in safe spaces like college or the stage but is actually very tame because they feel nervous jaywalking and guilty when they don’t call their mom back immediately.

The Vulgar Early Works

Premiered at JACK in Brooklyn, NY and then presented by FringeArts in Philadelphia, PA. December 2014

This was a compilation of our first years of making. It included Rooster&Snowball and Singer/Songwriter and then some new material in between: like solos about the devil and self-love. People thought it was a kind of comment on the whole retrospective. We thought it was practical.