Mission Hamlet: George and Co.

Presented by Under The Radar at The Public Theater, NYC, in process 2017

Co-creator/Performer with Anisa George. Inspired by the work of Gob Squad, this play was a Hamlet for modern times, taken to the streets. Much of the rehearsals involved talking to willing pedestrians about the big questions: insanity, betrayal and revenge. I ended up walking around in a saggy Ophelia dress and filming myself on my iPhone, happy as a clam.

Shame Portraits, 2016

This began during Swim Pony’s Cross Pollination Residency. Chelsea and I were paired with Jaime Alvarez, a photographer. Shame Portraits are photographic records of a version of the self that is both shameful and pleasurable to inhabit. Each shoot was predicated by writing exercises, strategic conversations, and liability waivers.